From flyaways to frizzies, hair seems to never do exactly what we want it to. Look at a thread that is highlighted in the image. Make sure to check out his website and follow his YouTube channel. Here’s how to cut out an image in Photoshop with Refine Edges. Grab around with some other pixels.) After that, the copied fragment has to be expanded to its original position, but this small turn will help to seamlessly apply the copied fragment on the image. Learning how to fix flyaways in Photoshop is something any photographer can greatly benefit from. Make a selection of the object you want to remove and hit Cmd + X (Ctrl + X for windows). When all flyaway hairs are removed, the edges of the hairstyle are unnaturally smooth. The hairs that we need to remove touch the main object, that’s why we cannot use the Healing Brush tool. This refers to the Colorize checkbox in the Adjustments panel for the Hue / Saturation adjustment layer. Step 1, Open Photoshop on your computer. Using the default settings of the tool and the brush, which size slightly exceeds the width of the edited fragment, swipe the tip of the thread. Here are two techniques for getting this done. Just make sure that the white color is covering the hair completely. Select the tool and work your way around the subject. Note: The Multiply blending mode is used to darken the resulting shade. The right edge of the copied strand still quite stands out of hair on the original image. Move the Shift Edge left or right to shrink or expand the selection. How Do I Separate an Image From Its Background in Photoshop? Therefore, we apply the Clone Stamp tool (keyboard shortcut < S >) and use a brush with hard edges. If the shading seems too strong, you can decrease its radius to 3 or 2 pixels. First, unlock the background layer by double-clicking on it. This will copy the selection to a new layer. In the Layers panel, change the blend mode of the Hue / Saturation adjustment layer to Multiply. Thousands of strands of hair going in multiple directions is a nightmare for any selection task, whether that’s because you need to apply a selective edit, remove the background or to compost multiple images together. Step 2 Activate the Eyedropper tool ( key) and click on the light hair fragment. If, after using Radius, an extra area has been captured, as in this case, hold down the (